Residential Lock Rekey: When, Why, and How to Do It

At Flat Rate Locksmith Shop & Mobile, we specialize in residential lock rekey services, providing efficient and cost-effective alternatives.
Residential Lock Rekey
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Rekeying your home locks is a crucial aspect of maintaining home security. At Flat Rate Locksmith Shop & Mobile, we specialize in residential lock rekey services, providing an efficient and cost-effective alternative to changing your locks entirely. When you rekey the lock, we adjust the cylinder plug and pins, allowing you to insert the key into your old lock and use the same key mechanism in a renewed way. Understanding when and why to rekey a lock, how to rekey your home, and the specific details involved, such as working with the knob and rekeying your lock, is essential for every homeowner. Our process ensures that your home security is updated without the need for completely new hardware.

Why Consider Residential Lock Rekey?

Residential Lock Rekey involves altering the lock mechanism so that a new key can operate it, while the old key becomes obsolete. This process is particularly vital when you move into a new home, lose a key, or suspect that the locks on your home might have been compromised. With our Residential Lock Rekey service, we change the pins in the lock, ensuring your home is secured against lost or stolen keys. It’s often a question of whether it’s better to rekey or change locks, especially if you have a home warranty that may cover lock changes. However, a Residential Lock Rekey can be a more efficient solution since most locks can be rekeyed.

The Rekeying Process

Rekeying a lock typically includes removing the lock cylinder, changing the pins using a rekeying kit, and then reassembling the lock. Our experienced locksmiths at Flat Rate Locksmith Shop & Mobile can rekey various types of locks, including house lock mechanisms, from standard doorknobs and deadbolts to advanced smart locks. The process, which often involves working with the key plug and ensuring the lock and key function correctly, ensures that the lock works with a different key, providing enhanced security without the need to purchase new locks or replacing your locks entirely. It’s a balance of lock and unlock functionality, keeping the original key form in mind.

When to Rekey Your Locks

  • After Moving into a New Home: Always rekey locks when you move into a new home. This step ensures that only you and your family have access.
  • Lost or Stolen Keys: If your keys are lost or stolen, rekeying your home’s locks is a safer option than just replacing the lost key.
  • Upgrading Home Security: If you want to upgrade your home security but your locks are still in good condition, rekeying can be a cost-effective solution.

Rekey vs. Replace: Which is Better?

Deciding whether to engage in Residential Lock Rekey without changing it or to replace the lock entirely depends on your specific needs. If your existing lock is damaged or you want a completely different style, brand, or type of lock, such as a keypad lock or a lock from a different brand, replacing the lock is the best option. However, if the lock is still functional and you simply need a new key, especially if you have multiple locks in your home and want a master key system, Residential Lock Rekey is a cheaper and equally effective solution. When deciding to change the locks, consider the cost per lock and the overall convenience of a Residential Lock Rekey.

The Benefits of Choosing Flat Rate Locksmith Shop & Mobile for Lock Rekeying

At Flat Rate Locksmith Shop & Mobile, we offer a comprehensive lock rekey service that covers different brands of locks, including Kwikset, Schlage, Baldwin, Corbin, and Medeco. Whether you want to replace your locks with new ones or simply rekeying the lock, our locksmiths are skilled in rekeying deadbolt locks, doorknobs, lever handles, keypad locks, and even smart locks.

We ensure that every lock rekeyed is done so perfectly, with new pins fitted precisely inside the lock, and we always remove the key plug and reassemble the lock to make sure it functions correctly, guaranteeing the security of the locks in your home. Our service is tailored to your unique needs, whether you need a key in the lock, a key to the lock, or a completely new lock installation.


Residential lock rekey is a vital service for maintaining the security of your home. Whether you’ve lost the key, moved into a new house, or simply need to rekey a door lock for enhanced security, Flat Rate Locksmith Shop & Mobile is here to help. Our locksmiths are experienced in all aspects of lock rekeying and can advise on the best course of action for your home locks. Contact us today or find us on Google Maps for efficient, reliable lock rekey services, and protect your home with new, secure keys.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are rekeying services, and how do they differ from new lock installation?

Rekeying services involve altering an existing lock so it works with a new key. This is different from new lock installation, where the entire lock mechanism is replaced. Rekeying is often cheaper than replacing the whole lock and is a great option if the existing lock is still in good condition.

Do I need to purchase a rekey kit for rekeying my home locks, or can your locksmiths provide everything needed?

While you can purchase a rekey kit and try to rekey a lock yourself, our locksmiths at Flat Rate Locksmith Shop & Mobile come equipped with all necessary tools, including a lock rekeying kit, to handle the job efficiently. This ensures that the rekeying process is done correctly and securely.

Can all locks be rekeyed, or do some locks require replacement?

Most locks can be rekeyed, but some locks will require replacement due to damage, wear, or if upgrading to a more advanced lock system, like a master key system. Our experts can assess your locks and advise whether it’s better to rekey or replace them.

Is it more cost-effective to rekey a lock instead of replacing it, and does home warranty coverage affect this decision?

Generally, it’s cheaper to rekey a lock instead of replacing it. If you have home warranty coverage, check if it covers lock replacement or rekeying services, as this may influence your decision. Rekeying is a cost-effective solution if you want to maintain the same lock brands but need a different key.

How does a master key system work, and can I rekey my existing locks to fit into one?

A master key system allows one key to open multiple locks, which is ideal for convenience. We can rekey your existing locks to fit into a master key system, allowing you to have one key for all locks without the need for a full lock replacement. This involves removing the key plug from its housing and adjusting the lock cylinder.


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